October 25, 2006

All the news we see fit to print?

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The NYTimes slanders Wen Ho Lee again, under cover of the A.P.

“Los Alamos has a history of high-profile security problems in the past decade, with the most notable the case of nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee. After years of accusations, Lee pleaded guilty in a plea bargain to one count of mishandling nuclear secrets at the lab.”

Wen Ho Lee was an innocent scapegoat. That he took the plea bargain to end his ordeal, after being held in solitary confinement for over a year, must not be construed as guilt. Shame on the New York Times.

Whether a deliberate act of reactionary revisionists, or “simply” careless and stupid, we should not allow the case of Wen Ho Lee to be spun this way.

Yours in digital justice.

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