August 8, 2008

A Candle for Tibet

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9 o'clock (med).jpg

Taken at 9 o’clock

Games Over
Free Tibet

In solidarity with A Candle for Tibet!


August 7, 2008

Dog Years

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OK. They convicted Hamdan “fair and square,” although their “Fizzbin” rules would make even kangaroo jurisprudence blush.

So here are the sentencing rules which the American people who have both read the coinstitution and support the ASPCA, stipulate: We’re not going to dispute a 30 year sentence. After all he was essentially a bodyguard to a billionaire, a very s e r i o u s crime.

But, since you treated him like a dog, his sentence has to be in dog years. So that’s 30 divided by 7.5 which is 4. (I apologize for using fractions. I know it makes you insecure about falling behind in math in the third grade.) Dudes, you’ve already held him longer than that. Time-served; Hamdan is out!


I must be psychic. And props to that jury for mooning Bush!

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